Prem​ier Poodle


Here at Premier Poodle we pride ourselves on providing beautiful high quality puppies and establish a life time support system for our Premier Poodle ​families. We love to watch the puppies grow and hear how happy they make their new families. 

Vicki Martin & Pup Elvis

“My husband and I are the fur-ever pawrents of Elvis. We are the beneficiaries of Premier Poodles' Extended Stay Program. We are so grateful to Laura and lucky to have found our way to Premier Poodle. FIVE STARS!.”

Carly Cochrane & Pup Ruby

"I can't imagine getting my Ruby from anywhere beside Premier Poodle. Laura was a great communicator from the very beginning, sending me weekly video updates and quickly answering all of my questions. I did a ton of research before finding Premier Poodle and you can definitely tell how much Laura and her husband love and care for their pups. They are truly members of their family and treated as such. Ruby was litter box trained by the time I picked her up and has adjusted so well to her new home. She is not only totally adorable but also happy and healthy. I would recommend Premier Poodle to anyone looking to add a furry friend to their family!”

Renee Bennett & Pup Tank

"Laura has such a great breeding program. All her dogs are very well behaved and well mannered. Papito has such a sweet, loving demeanor that I just knew, when I was ready to be a dog mom that I just HAD to have 1 of his puppies! Laura sent us pictures & videos of our puppy since the day he was born and showed us his daily training regiment. Tank is now our fur baby! He brings so much joy to our lives and has made each day better since we brought him home. the paperwork process is smooth. Laura provides you with a folder which includes helpful information on how to continue on with the training style she used, vaccination information etc. You also get a cute back pack with your dogs name embroidered on it. if you want a top quality dog form an amazing breeder, Laura is your girl."

Derek Mills & Pup Bijou

"Premier Poodle is the best of the best ethical poodle breeders. Their great pairings of healthy friendly family dogs, combined with the work they put into socializing and training their dogs produces great puppies. We were lucky to skip the waiting list due to a cancellation. Premier Poodle spoke to us and we both agreed that Bijou was a great match for us. They weren't desperate to just give her to anyone which was a good sign. Bijou fit in perfectly with our pack from day one. She is extremely brave, smart and playful. She plays hard with our big dogs and has figured out she needs to be sweet to our older small dog. She has been affectionate and playful from the first car ride. She came potty trained (outside and litter which we transitioned to astroturf) and has only had one accident. This was our fault as there was no downstairs potty turf and the door was closed. We bought one for the downstairs shortly after, and she has been perfect since. She also had some experience with the crate, but she struggled a bit more with this due to her fear of missing out with our other dogs, but she got used to it very quickly compared to our experience with other dogs. It really felt like we got to skip the worst parts of owning a new puppy since she was so well create/potty trained with the breeder prior to coming home with us. Premier Poodle puts so much work into their puppies. Every day they were posting new experiences for the dogs to get used to, and it really shows. Premier Poodle is not the type of breeder who will sell you a puppy and never talk to you again. They have been extremely responsive before and after we picked up our puppy, and are full of great tips. We have worked with many breeders before of varying qualities and this place is def top tier. Can you find cheaper? Yes. Can you find better if you are looking for an extremely healthy and well socialized family pet? In my opinion, No.

Isabella Liebgott & Pup Mani

“I spent a looong time searching for the best breeder for red toy poodles, and I found her! Laura went over and beyond in every single way during the process that led me to finally being able to pick up our puppy Mani! <3  I live in Colombia and during the time Mani was growing up and getting closer to pickup date from Laura, the rules concerning how and when I could bring Mani from the US to Colombia were changing. it was truly a challenge, but along the way Laura was great support and helped me search for information. Due to the recent change of rules, Mani did an extended stay with Laura until he got his vaccines and age to be able to fly. I flew over to the US and picked Mani up myself at Laura's home. That way I was able to meet the mom and dad of Mani, as well as the other dogs in her program. Her dogs are all LOVELY, both to the looks and to the behavior. It was quickly clear to me that Laura is doing an amazing job raising the puppies, Mani already knew several commands and had been socialized during his extended stay. After coming home to Colombia with Mani, Laura is still a huge support, since it is our first dog, we continuously have questions and Laura is always there to answer them and to give us recommendations! I couldn't be happier with picking Laura as breeder and Mani is the cutest little pup who gives us so much joy and happiness every single day!”